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The Waikoloa Foundation has the privilege of stewarding deeply significant cultural, historical and ecological attributes of the unique landscape that makes up the Waikoloa Beach Resort property on the Kohala Coast of Hawai‘i Island.

Founded by Waikoloa developer Ron Boeddeker in 1987, the Waikoloa Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to steward the precious cultural and environmental attributes of Hawai‘i.
You can support these efforts by donating to the Foundation.

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The Waikoloa Foundation
The Kapu System in ancient Hawai’i established rules and regulations that acted as a set of laws for lifestyle to gender roles to religion. Kapu was strictly enforced, and if broken it was often considered a capital offense. In modern usage of Kapu, it has taken on the form of substituting the phrase “No Trespassing” or “keep out.” While there is no obvious penalty for not following Kapu, we still ask that you travel smartly and respect what it means. You may see KAPU signage around the Waikoloa Beach Resort, and we kindly ask that you not enter these marked areas, as they serve specific reasons, whether it’s protecting the natural landscape or for your safety. If you have any questions please feel free to DM us!Have a happy weekend everyone! 🤙🏽#waikoloafoundation @waikoloabeachresort ... See MoreSee Less
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Pono Pledge

The Pono Pledge initiative goal is to build awareness to help protect and preserve the island’s natural resources and wildlife. The program educates and encourages residents and visitors to be safe, responsible and respectful to each other and the environment while enjoying the bounty of the island of Hawai‘i.

He pilina wehena ʻole ke aloha honua.
One’s love for the planet is an inseverable relationship.

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